Student in a Master of Environment Design, in the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, I am working on the expression of the architecture. Analysing how it could be better related to its content, I am mainly orientated in the exhibition design field. Through this blog, I will try to share my reflexions, my experimentations, analyses... Enjoy!
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Hortus Conclusus

The Serpentine Gallery invited this year Peter Zumthor to design the annual pavilion. This architect famous for his sobriety and power of simple form, choose to insert himself in this beautiful area of Hyde Park, in integrating a sober and minimal rectangular volume for his pavilion. Once again, it let see a real pure outside, … Continue reading


Finally, the 20&21st July arrived, and were a real success. I really want to thank all the people who came to visit our show, and took time to discuss with all of us; It was a real pleasure to present all our hard work from the year, and to get some fresh feedbacks. Here are … Continue reading

New Ground exhibition

Interested in the exhibition design field, my director and course leader asked me to think about the design of the Postgraduate Degree Show from Ravensbourne. I was also in charge of all the exhibition organisation. My friend Clarence Chen (http://cjfclarence.wordpress.com/) designed all the communication of the show. They were designedin keeping in mind the Penrose … Continue reading


All the pieces gathered, here is the result of the constructed pavilion: All this construction based on the principe of positive and negative, as visible bellow: And also, here is a round around the pavilion, allowing to enjoy all the different qualities of spaces designed:    


Here you can observe the erection of the pavilion! It was really a wonderful experience to live, and I was really happy to see a part of my project becoming true…


          Once arrived at the university, we had to gather all the prefabricated pieces, and do the last finishing touches.


Today was the day of the finishing: we added the fabric on the frames, to allow the translucency,                         gathered the ceilings to check all details                 before gathering everything, ready to leave the workshop! The last step … Continue reading


After the building comes the time of painting… In preparation of the wall construction, we painted the timber panels, that we are going to fix on the frames we built before. On the other side of the frame will come a tensed fabric to give some translucency to the construction… some photos very soon.

day 2

The next step was the construction of the ground. Using the same principe of frames constructed with studs, and screwed chip board we created the several levels of the pavilions, and the rhythm of the feet.


The final degree show approaching, we are now building a scale one to one of my principe to exhibit the work from the environmental design student. Here are the steps of the evolution: DAY 1: Reception of the material and building of the frames for the walls: